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Sleepy Time CBD Sugar Scrub 300mg
Sleepy Time CBD Sugar Scrub 300mg

Sleepy Time CBD Sugar Scrub 300mg


Artisan Crafted

Here at Artisan Flower CBD, all of our products are made from scratch including our CBD Oil. We start with collecting the CBD buds from Cherry Wine CBD organically grown in the high mountains of Colorado. We then use a proprietary aging process that converts the CBDA into CBD cannabinoids, mellowing the aroma and flavor of the Cherry Wine while maintaining high terpene and cannabinoid counts. We macerate the buds in a variety of oils depending on the final use and then heat the maceration to 130 degrees ensuring full terpene retention. Finally, the CBD maceration is strained using a fine mesh strainer.

This process allows us to extract all parts of the plant for use in each product. Nothing gets wasted. For our full spectrum CBD Oil we use Coconut MCT oil which is a fractionated oil allowing for the highest CDB extraction possible using the cold pressing method. The result is an aged, naturally flavored, high terpene, artisan CBD oil that has the greatest possible therapeutic benefits.

Artisan Flower CBD's Cherry Wine CBD Oil is full-bodied with grassy notes and rich herbal flavors. It has a vivid balsamic taste with hints of pine nuts, wine, and chocolate.

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